Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fashion Advice for my petite elites....and new products

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Best Way - Modeling Advice for Short Teen Girls |

Ok, I am going to completely go off the field with these next comments. I usually do not mix my personal beliefs, emotions, etc with work (modeling, teaching, jewelry designing are my work) yet I feel like I must vent before well-----you know...

I am teacher full-time, to be more specific I teach at a small private school middle grades 6-8, I had a student come up to me this morning and tell me that the her parents would not let her attend an extra curricular activity pertaining to spoken word. She stated that her parents did not believe in poetry as a true art form and that it was only a certain demographic of kids (race related) that attended these type of events. She being a suburban South Tampa parent could not understand that children need outlets that include more than video games and shopping. But what do I know, I only spend my entire day with both her children, I teach, counsel, and hear their convictions. But again why should I be upset. It is hard enough that our youth is being brain washed into believing that musics videos and the way they portray women and men are the way they should be depicted. It is bad enough that the very parents who are telling me, telling their children that POETRY is not an art are then wondering why their child writes at a third grade level. Literacy is the only way to move ahead- PEOPLE. Our children Need Positive Outlets!!!! At fifteen a little girl should not be concerned with when she will get her next manicure but as to when her school work needs to be turned in. I watch these little girls everyday who can tell me the names, last names, birthdays, and daily habits of the "The bad Girls Club" and little boys who can recite every line, story detail,and codes to "Grand Theft Auto" but can not divide, spell, speak with any education at all.
The Nerve of this parent to come up to me and tell me poetry is not a benefit to their child, rather go home, eat, sit, eat some more, drown the thoughts with television, and that will produce a more educated, well rounded, intelligent being- Because we need more drones.

I need thoughts on this people!!!! Comments and critiques- because as a teacher, as a model , as an artist, as a mother I am losing hope in our women, in our men, in our children...and it seems that the coming generations will be far worse than the ignorant beings who are birthing seeds to become weeds...

Help me, Inspire Me-


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heiress Jewels (Amazing Jewelry: Reasonable Prices)



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So I have come across an amazing line of wired wrapped Jewelry which has just blown my mind. Run by a petite model, this line is simply breath taking.

Here's some info on the products:

Heiress Jewels, one of a kind pieces of wearable art. Personified poetic expressions of passion, love, happiness, and pain displayed through the art of beading and wire coiling. Sophistication and class is embedded in every stone and bead as a reflection of the heiress in all of us. These feminine pieces display strength and exemplify splendor when worn, the neckline adorned will beget intrigue and command attention inevitably showcasing the dazzling heiress behind the jewel.

Heiress Jewels is a visualization of poetry as jewelry. It is a fusion of poetry and craft, tired of the mundane beadwork, bangles, necklaces, and earrings artist Cynthia set out to create a line of jewelry that was truly individual. No two pieces will ever be duplicated; these handcrafted custom made pieces are of the highest quality of materials and time. Cynthia sets out to find natural stones, Peruvian glass, copper and silver wire that will meet the standards of class and integrity. Heiress jewels sets out to inspire women, to provide and display feminine strength through the accessory of handcrafted jewelry.?

Peruvian handcrafted necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are a piece of artisan jewelry whose origin echoes a people and time embedded in history. Peruvian jewelry rich in history, beautiful in design and with a fascinating story to tell, each handcrafted piece is connected to an artisan, a tradition and a place in time.

Wire coiling is one of the oldest techniques for making jewelry by hand. In wire coiling, jewelry is made using jewelry wire. Wire components are then connected to one another using mechanical techniques with no soldering or heating of the wire. In this approach, a wire is bent into a loop or other decorative shape and then the wire is wrapped around itself to finish the wire component making that loop or decorative shape permanent.

Beads have played an important role in every major civilization and have often served a spiritual purpose. They have been used throughout the ages and in virtually every culture, not simply as adornments but to express social circumstances, political occurrences, and religious beliefs; as a form of currency; or as symbolic embodiments of curative powers.

A few of the products are located above the the blog, if you are interested in purchasing simply press the paypal button and specify the earring or ring code that will be located under each photograph.



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Friday, January 22, 2010

From Rags to Riches...

Hello my Petite Elites,

I have been conducting a personal study of my own that includes tricks to look taller, what genres Petite Models should target and what works best for my skin and skin tone in photographs. I have discovered some tricks to the trade but have realized how much is actually distorted with the handy dandy PHOTO SHOP...I came across this video that is simply shocking! If you or someone you know has ever been discouraged about modeling please take a look at it, it will completely change your outlook.

Click Here:

Also, the link below is simply some great reading Material that gives some tips on beauty, I have learned that it is really all an illlusion, you do not have to look a certain way at the beginning but it is the result that counts. Stay beautiful, Continue to pursue your passions and remember we are petite but we are the elites!!!!!!

10 Model Beauty Tricks That Work in Real Life Beauty:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So here I am , New Year, New Career, New Dreams, New Connects-

This Soul Heiress could not ask for more:

I have met an amazingly talented Fashion designer who is about to blow the top off of the Fashion world, if you haven't heard of her get to know her now while you can-

Karima Brown of Ladiez of L.O.V.E- she is LEGIT, if you want original WARM clothing hit her up at her line is "Empressionz"

When you want something bad enough, you go after it, regardless of the wordly obstacles, the people, the lack of finances, or the insecurities and excuses you make for yourself...

Just DO IT!

I recently had a photoshoot in cloudy cold weather, I think it was like thirty degrees in FLORIDA! And regardless of the cold, the clouds, the make up that was starting to wear off and the hair that was to pretty to go to waste-

We got the shots, chapped lips and all-

Zone out, find your place, forget the world and remember you- induldge in yourself

These moments, these images are eternal so whether 6ft tall of 4ft tall be fierce, be giant, be timeless-

Small sample unedited but for your viewing pleasure of a petite model enduring the cold for a good shot, great clothes, and a portfolio which will rock-

I leave you with this:

Though we are petite there are photographer, catalogs, fashion designers and make up artist who want to work with us (they might not know it yet) we have to be every where-

If you want to be a part of Soul Heiress Modeling troupe email Cynthia at

Or if you want to hire one of out models just let me know our rates our reasonable and our performance impeccable-


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

T'was the night before Christmas

So I have been searching the Lands High and Low for petite models, advice, events, auditions, and all things little...

Let me tell you it has been an adventure :

It seems that runway shows who state that height doesn't matter are well- ill informing us small ones (4'11- 5'5) they mean all can apply who are 5'6 and taller. I am intrigued by this fine print which my eyes do not seem to see.

But none the less we must tread on-HEAD Strong- we are the new commodity even if they do not see the impending revolution of the petite elites...It is happening, take for instance the NEXT TOP MODEL PETITE SERIES, and the many models and entertainers who are now emerging short but powerful such as Kim Kardashian who is a grand total of only 5 feet 3 is our TIME! (Smile)

So my advice is this:


So keep walking, practicing, audition for every runway show- You will get many no's but finally one will see in you that spark and you will light that show on fire!!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen...

Thank you visiting Soul Heiress, I hope you visit often and join us at our upcoming events-

This blog serves it purpose as a online calender of events and an advice blog for petite models trying to break into the industry.

If you are a petite model and you are interested in joining Soul Heiress Modeling Troupe, please send a head shot and body shot ( Comp. Card) to

Also, Stay tuned for the live auditions which will be held on January 06, 2010 at 8 pm ( Location to be announced)

If you should have questions about petite modeling and/or Soul heiress feel free and drop a comment- I will respond with in 24 hours.

Again- THANK YOU for all your support!!!!

To all my LIL Models-

********Believe that you can conquer the world- And YOU will!*******