Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Ok, I am going to completely go off the field with these next comments. I usually do not mix my personal beliefs, emotions, etc with work (modeling, teaching, jewelry designing are my work) yet I feel like I must vent before well-----you know...

I am teacher full-time, to be more specific I teach at a small private school middle grades 6-8, I had a student come up to me this morning and tell me that the her parents would not let her attend an extra curricular activity pertaining to spoken word. She stated that her parents did not believe in poetry as a true art form and that it was only a certain demographic of kids (race related) that attended these type of events. She being a suburban South Tampa parent could not understand that children need outlets that include more than video games and shopping. But what do I know, I only spend my entire day with both her children, I teach, counsel, and hear their convictions. But again why should I be upset. It is hard enough that our youth is being brain washed into believing that musics videos and the way they portray women and men are the way they should be depicted. It is bad enough that the very parents who are telling me, telling their children that POETRY is not an art are then wondering why their child writes at a third grade level. Literacy is the only way to move ahead- PEOPLE. Our children Need Positive Outlets!!!! At fifteen a little girl should not be concerned with when she will get her next manicure but as to when her school work needs to be turned in. I watch these little girls everyday who can tell me the names, last names, birthdays, and daily habits of the "The bad Girls Club" and little boys who can recite every line, story detail,and codes to "Grand Theft Auto" but can not divide, spell, speak with any education at all.
The Nerve of this parent to come up to me and tell me poetry is not a benefit to their child, rather go home, eat, sit, eat some more, drown the thoughts with television, and that will produce a more educated, well rounded, intelligent being- Because we need more drones.

I need thoughts on this people!!!! Comments and critiques- because as a teacher, as a model , as an artist, as a mother I am losing hope in our women, in our men, in our children...and it seems that the coming generations will be far worse than the ignorant beings who are birthing seeds to become weeds...

Help me, Inspire Me-


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