Friday, January 22, 2010

From Rags to Riches...

Hello my Petite Elites,

I have been conducting a personal study of my own that includes tricks to look taller, what genres Petite Models should target and what works best for my skin and skin tone in photographs. I have discovered some tricks to the trade but have realized how much is actually distorted with the handy dandy PHOTO SHOP...I came across this video that is simply shocking! If you or someone you know has ever been discouraged about modeling please take a look at it, it will completely change your outlook.

Click Here:

Also, the link below is simply some great reading Material that gives some tips on beauty, I have learned that it is really all an illlusion, you do not have to look a certain way at the beginning but it is the result that counts. Stay beautiful, Continue to pursue your passions and remember we are petite but we are the elites!!!!!!

10 Model Beauty Tricks That Work in Real Life Beauty:

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