Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So here I am , New Year, New Career, New Dreams, New Connects-

This Soul Heiress could not ask for more:

I have met an amazingly talented Fashion designer who is about to blow the top off of the Fashion world, if you haven't heard of her get to know her now while you can-

Karima Brown of Ladiez of L.O.V.E- she is LEGIT, if you want original WARM clothing hit her up at her line is "Empressionz"

When you want something bad enough, you go after it, regardless of the wordly obstacles, the people, the lack of finances, or the insecurities and excuses you make for yourself...

Just DO IT!

I recently had a photoshoot in cloudy cold weather, I think it was like thirty degrees in FLORIDA! And regardless of the cold, the clouds, the make up that was starting to wear off and the hair that was to pretty to go to waste-

We got the shots, chapped lips and all-

Zone out, find your place, forget the world and remember you- induldge in yourself

These moments, these images are eternal so whether 6ft tall of 4ft tall be fierce, be giant, be timeless-

Small sample unedited but for your viewing pleasure of a petite model enduring the cold for a good shot, great clothes, and a portfolio which will rock-

I leave you with this:

Though we are petite there are photographer, catalogs, fashion designers and make up artist who want to work with us (they might not know it yet) we have to be every where-

If you want to be a part of Soul Heiress Modeling troupe email Cynthia at

Or if you want to hire one of out models just let me know our rates our reasonable and our performance impeccable-


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